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‘Lecture by Tom Emerson’

11 May'15
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Never Modern

Tom Emerson and Stephanie MacDonald founded the architecture firm, 6a Architects, in 2001. Since then, the London office has been involved in a remarkable series of projects including art galleries the South London Gallery and Raven Row in London, the renovation of the fashion wing of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and, more recently, the Paul Smith shop in the Mayfair district of London, which was last year awarded a Civic Trust Award. In his recent publication, ‘Never Modern’, the architecture critic Irénée Scalbert presents their work as ‘interventions’ whereby intuition and chance rather than the construction itself are the cornerstones of the project process. This design approach will be presented by Tom Emerson on 11 May, on the occasion of his conference ‘Never Modern’, at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

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