‘Lucia Cadotsch - "Speak Low II" feat. Kit Downes’

10 Mar.'22
- 20:30

The Swiss vocalist Lucia Cadotsch and her celebrated Speak Low trio, featuring top Swedish musicians Otis Sandsjö on sax and Petter Eldh on bass, is travelling from Berlin to Brussels to present their latest album at Bozar: Speak Low II (We Jazz Records, 2020). At Bozar's request, Kit Downes was added to this line-up. He is a rising star on the piano on the international jazz scene and a welcome guest of this trio. Speak Low II continues where their cross-genre and progressive debut album left off. Lucia Cadotsch revisits with panache jazz standards (Duke Ellington), songs (Wild Is the Wind, Black Is the Colour of my True Love's Hair) and Broadway (Kurt Weill, Randy Newman), in a lively and non-consensual language. What makes the band so special? With each composition, they get to the core with seemingly minimal means, but generate a sound that is both instantly recognisable and impactful.

Lucia Cadotsch
Otis Sandsjö
tenor saxophone
Petter Eldh
Kit Downes
Hammond organ

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

Sound level

Level 2 ≤ 95 db