‘MACHADO : Desde Demófilo…’

4 Mar.'20
- 20:30

Antonio Machado y Álvarez (Santiago de Compostela 1846 - Seville, 1893), who went under the pseudonym Demófilo to emphasise his love for folk culture, published the Collección de Cantes Flamencos in 1881. This timeless book gathered a selection of flamenco lyrics that he heard from singers of the era. Many of these lyrics were of a high literary quality, and are still very popular among flamenco singers of the present day. During this concert, Calixto Sánchez and his Sevillian musical friends perform a compilation of the best-known of these populares. A homage to Demófilo and the entire Machado literary family.

Calixto Sanchez
Edu Hidalgo
Eduardo Rebollar
flamenco guitar
Yolanda Lorenzo
Manuel Romero
José Luis Rodriguez Ojeda

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Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS