‘Makeup Artist - Jafar Najafi’

13 May'22
- 19:30

Award ceremony Millennium Filmfestival followed by the film Makeup Artist by Jafar Najaf

Set in rural Iran, Makeup Artist is a story in which modern ideas clash with ancient traditions and the persistent desire of a strong-willed mother. Mina and Gol Mohammed are a good match for each other in many ways, and their disagreements always end with a joke. Until the birth of their son, when it turns out Mohammed does not want to keep his promise of allowing Mina to study at university. However, she is determined to realize her dreams…

Jafar Najafi is a photographer, researcher and documentary filmmaker. He was born in 1986 in Koohrang and studied cinema at Art University of Tehran. His first documentary short film, Asho (2019), was screened at many film festivals around the world and won numerous awards. His second film Makeup Artist was selected at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, among others.

Practical information


Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Farsi
  • Subtitles: English French

(IR, 2021, DCP, 76’)