Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

‘Malick Pathé Sow + Wasis Diop’

5 Feb.'22
- 19:00

This new edition of Moussem Cities puts the spotlight on Dakar and its thriving art scene. The capital of Senegal is considered the economic, political and cultural centre of West Africa. For one evening, Bozar and Moussem present two emblematic figures of the Dakar music scene. After accompanying Baaba Maal for several years, Malick Pathe Sow, a descendant of griots, follows his own artistic path as a singer and hoddu player. He combines the arpeggios of his West African lute with the crystalline kora of his faithful partner Bao Sissoko. Wasis Diop will then take you on a journey through the atmospheric compositions of his new album with his deep, haunting voice.


Wasis Diop


Wasis Diop
Komlan Agbekpenou

percussion & voice

Wasis Diop

electric bass

Mady Kanouté
Malick Pathé Sow
Wasis Diop
Bastien Aubry


Malick Pathé Sow
Wasis Diop
Bao Sissoko
Edem Gayakpa


Sébastien Peronnet


Mady Kanouté


Franck Marco
Komlan Agbekpenou


Bao Sissoko


Edem Gayakpa


Alexandre Barcelona


Malick Pathé Sow

Singer, guitarist and hoddu virtuoso Malick Pathe Sow was one of Baaba Maal’s musical companions for many years. He comes from a family of griots, the keepers of the oral traditions of the Peulh people. As a solo artist, he draws on West African musical traditions as well as rumba, reggae and folk. He combines the primal sounds of the hoddu with the dreamy melodies of the kora, played by his regular companion Bao Sissoko. His colourful compositions are sometimes subdued and poetic, sometimes exuberant and dancing. With his warm and subtle voice, he reflects on life in Senegal and Europe, on universal human values and on nature. He consistently proves himself to be one of the great Senegalese songwriters of his generation.

Malick Pathé Sow, Vocals, Hottu & Guitar
Mady Kanouté, Balafon, Guitar & Tama
Bao Sissoko, Kora & Vocals
Edem Gayakpa, Bas & Vocals
Komlan Agbekpenou, Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Wasis Diop

Throughout his long career, Wasis Diop has developed his very own, eclectic musical language, which subtly reveals influences from all over the world. His dreamy, atmospheric and cinematic compositions are full of delicate details in the arrangements. With his deep, dark voice and remarkable singing style, which is close to talking, Diop sings about the facts of life in poetic and metaphorical terms, alternating between Wolof, French and English. In 2021 he released his seventh album, the intriguing and intoxicating De la glace dans la gazelle (MDC / PIAS).

Wasis Diop, Vocals, Guitar
Sébastien Peronnet, Keyboard
Franck Marco, Drums
Bastien Aubry, Guitar
Alexandre Barcelona, Accordeon



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