‘The Man Who Surprised Everyone - Natasha Merkulova & Aleksey Chupov’

13 Oct.'19
- 19:00

Igor is a forest guard patrolling the Siberian forests for poachers. His straightforward life changes drastically when he ends up in hospital following a shooting and is diagnosed with a fatal disease. The doctor gives him two months at the most.  

The Man Who Surprised Everyone tells a contemporary version of an old Siberian folk tale about a man who cheats Death by pretending to be a woman. Igor also decides to become a woman but not with the aim of deceiving anyone. In fact, he wants, so close to his death, to remove the deception. The support he received from the rural population as a terminally ill person is suddenly no longer there. Even so, this concerns more than gender alone. Evgeny Tsyganov’s vulnerable portrayal of Igor makes this a story about the fragility of a body, of an identity and of a position within society.

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  • Subtitles: English