Theater Antigone

‘Métisse, kind van de zonde’

3 Mar.'20
- 12:40

Theater Antigone - Action Zoo Humain

“Too European” for a black society yet “too African” for a white identity. In the 1960s, the so-called ‘half-blood children’ or ‘métis children’ first saw light of day: the product of extramarital relationships between Flemish and African citizens.

The musical theatre production Métisse sheds new light on the common fate that befell these children: ignorance and intolerance, rejection by society and the Belgian state. Director Tom Dupont chose a story that binds and contrasts different generations, uncovering a piece of history and the identity issue today.

Tom Dupont
director, text
Sam Gysel
Geert Vandewalle
set design
Marij Debrabandere
Peter Monsaert
Maarten Thorrez
lighting design
Niels Vanherpe
sound engineer
Jos Verbist
artistic coordination
Ann van Vaerenberg

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


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