5 Mar.'20
- 19:00

Myrddin De Cauter is a phenomenon in the contemporary music world. After initially taking clarinet lessons, he discovered the richness and originality of the flamenco guitar at the age of fourteen. A few years later he visited Spain where he studied under the flamenco grandmasters Gerardo Nuñez, Manolo Sanlucar, Enrique De Melchior and Rafael Riqueni. Myrddin’s exceptional talent soon became apparent: a blend of technical virtuosity and a deep lyrical sympathy. Myrddin proves that great flamenco virtuosos do not necessarily have to come from Spain. On this occasion, Myrddin is bringing the whole De Cauter family along! Generation after generation of the De Cauter family has produced superb professional musicians. Their repertoire is highly diverse, taking in flamenco, jazz and gypsy swing, classical and chanson, not to mention 19th century Flemish poet Guido Gezelle. In the De Cauter musical dynasty, all of these things flow together into a completely natural-sounding whole.  

Myrddin De Cauter

flamenco guitar

Koen De Cauter

soprano saxophone

Koen De Cauter
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Koen De Cauter
Waso De Cauter
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Dajo De Cauter


Lionel Beuvens


Vigdis De Cauter


Imre De Cauter


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