‘Next Generation, Please!’

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1 Nov.'20

Fresh Ideas For The Future

This exhibition is closed due to current health measures. A virtual tour will soon be available online for those who were unable to visit the exhibition in time. Take good care of yourself, your family and friends!​​​​​​​


For a whole school year, groups of 16 to 26-year-olds worked with artists, experts, thinkers, and politicians, a process that fired up their creativity! From 29 September to 1 November 2020, BOZAR will present their ideas, narratives and dreams in the Next Generation, Please! exhibition. What kind of future do we want? What are the sustainable solutions for today’s problems? Visit BOZAR to discover the artistic musings of these young adults and local artists through installations, performances, photographs and films.

Participating projects

For this 2019-2020 edition of Next Generation, Please! the participants worked in close collaboration with young people from all around Europe on the themes of climate change, gender, identity, intergenerational dialogue and democracy. 

WIELS partners up with artist Anouchka Oler and year 6 students from the Institut Saint-Louis. At the heart of their project are the stories of European women who have uniquely shaped the hidden European heritage. They are also assisted by the expert Radka Smejkalova who helps them to explore the subjects of media, power and perception. Throughout the process they will also be in dialogue with the Jana Nerudy bilingual grammar school in Prague. 

About 30 youngsters, volunteers and artists, from all kinds of backgrounds and interests, meet every Wednesday for ‘Boslabs', the creative atelier of art centre Het Bos. This year they work together on ‘The Value Of Things’, a creative project around the collection of objects that the philosopher-collector Jaap Kruithof put together. Boslabs' moderators Fleur de Roeck, Karen Spiessens and Younes Oubella curate the process and artist Nico Dockx assist with his expertise. Ultimately the results of the research process will be brought together into one multidisciplinary installation.

Gang des Vieux en Colère is a citizens’ movement that fights for the rights of the older generation and wants to ensure a dignified future for the next generation. Together with a group of young people they work on the clichés and stereotypes that younger and older people have of each other. The aim is to initiate a dialogue across the generations. The artists are Paul Vercheval, Christian Carez, Pierre Moreau, Alain De Borger, Michel Huisman and Paul Lhoir. The Age Platform Europe guides them in their critical reflection.    

Collège Saint Michel joins forces with the multidisciplinary artist Oranne Mounition. With the year 5 class they will be looking at the theme of climate change and our ecological footprints. What influence do our daily actions have on nature? Expert Eric Corijn and politician Zoe Génot are on hand and the European point of view comes from the college Santa Maria Del Pilar in Madrid.

Marie Kakogianni accompanies the year 7 students from the Institut Sainte Marie to reflect on POP SHOPS, inspired by the work of Keith Haring. What do the young people of today fight for? A weeklong residency in BOZAR immerses them in the fascinating world of artivism.  

In the framework of the European documentary GEN Z: searching for beauty, Salvatore Calcagno and Antoine Neufmars will meet young people to explore the reality of Generation Z, i.e. people born after 1995. They work with professional students in their 7th year from the Institut des Filles de Marie and their teacher Stéphanie Laurent to create a space that incorporates their dreams, questions and reflections. GEN Z: searching for beauty celebrates the energy, new languages and artistic expressions of this generation.

BOZAR brings high school students of Ålands Folkhögskola​​​​​​​in Finland together with year 5 and 6 Free Visual Arts students at the GO! Atheneum Anderlecht. The two groups work with artist Paul Bradley and Zinaïda Tchelidze on the themes of climate change and sustainability. On two immersive exchanges in January and May the students will also get the chance to travel and meet each other, gathering inspiration for their artwork.

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

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Following the decisions taken by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region on Saturday 24 October, we will be closed to the public from Monday 26 October until 19 November inclusive.



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