6 Nov.'22
- 14:45

A fresh performance where children share the stage with the Duo SECO.

​​​​​​​Mamadou and Tister from the rhythmic Duo SECO have a swinging NOMAD performance in store. The duo captured many hearts during BIG BANG last year with their performance Stories from Africa. This year, they are taking it a step further and working with a local group of children in order to create a musical spectacle capable of being seen during the BIG BANG Festival.


NOMAD is a regular feature of every BIG BANG Festival. It is an invitation for a professional musician to work with a group of children in order to create a performance or concert for which the festival provides a stage.


In Antwerp, they are on stage with the percussionists of Tarmacadam. In Brussels, the children of Maison des Cultures (House of Cultures)in Molenbeek steal the show. 

Mamadou Dramé
Tister Ikomo
balafon , dance , vocals


With the Kids and Teens

6 Nov.'22
- 13:00

BIG BANG Festival

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


With the Kids and Teens

This show is suitable for children from : 5+



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