‘Nutcrusher - Sung Im Her’

20 Oct.'21
- 19:00

True to her long-standing engagement with social issues, Korean choreographer Sung-Im Her created Nutcrusher as a work of physical emancipation, a call for freedom of the female body, forever degraded by representation, relationships and social pressures. Through the magnificent choreography of three female bodies, Nutcrusher celebrates their sensuality, their beauty and their power, in order to question the role assigned to them by the norms and conventions of daily life. It is an aesthetic, carnal and tangible echo to the #metoo and #timesup movements, answering back to the social conservatism that tries to repress them, and to centuries of humiliation and social conditioning, with this simple question: “What if we re-imagined all this together?"

Sung-Im Her was born in Seoul and studied contemporary dance at Han-Sung University before continuing her training in Belgium at P.A.R.T.S. Based in Brussels and then in London, she has collaborated with Jan Fabre, the Needcompany and Grace Ellen Barkley, Les ballets C de la B, and Abattoir Fermé. Since 2012, she has created her own works, to international acclaim. Her choreographic language uses dance as a force for questioning and addressing issues such as citizenship, identity, gender and social determinism.

This event celebrates 120 years of diplomatic relations between Belgium and the Republic of Korea.

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