‘ONLINE Slumbering Concrete #1 - Saša Ban’

28 Apr.'20
- 18:00

Concrete Utopia

Available for free from 28 April to 5 May on www.bozar.be/en/magazine/167233-concrete-utopia

​​​​​​​Slumbering Concrete is a two season documentary TV series that explores the architecture from the period of socialist modernism in the 1960s and 1970s Croatia and Yugoslavia, when some of the most ambitious works of modern architecture saw the light of day. The episode “Brief Encounters Along the Adriatic Highway” takes us on a ride along Magistrala – the road that has drastically changed the life on the Croatian coast and paved the way for the development of tourism. “Vehicles of Emancipation” focuses on the cultural and workers’ educational centres: built for the purpose of the socialist emancipation of the man, they unified education, culture, entertainment, sports and political life and brought new architecture and lifestyle to their environments.

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(HR, 2016, 2x50', DCP)