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‘Oussama Tabti’

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29 Jan.'23


Through 30 empty birdcages, a choir of chirps, trills, silences, and warbles emanates. You can hear the song of the goldfinch or El Meknine in Algeria, where it has become a treasured companion. The bird grew to be a symbol of love and liberty, but its existence has become endangered and rhythmed by its domestication. While we sing of the finch's flight and beauty, have we become entrapped ourselves? A portrait of the willed mindlessness of the masses, of the ever-present disillusion of a life circumscribed by the iron cage of rationalization and self-indoctrination.

Oussama Tabti (Algeria, 1988) is a visual artist who lives and works in Brussels. His work questions hermetic geopolitics. In his own way he denounces the difficulty of moving in a world that is globalized but also suspicious, frightened by the 'stranger' and by difference.



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31 Dec.'23


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