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20 Mar.'22

Voetvolk & Dirk Braeckman

Photographer and artist Dirk Braeckman and Voetvolk have come together for a unique project: they have jointly created a visual reinterpretation of Lisbeth Gruwez’s poignant 20-minute solo Penelope. In this epilogue to the Odysseus: A Traveller Returns Home (2017) by the Royal Flemish Theatre, the choreographer conjures up in dance all the sidelined women of the Odyssey and offers a response to the men.  


Two inextricably-linked silent black-and-white films gently translate Gruwez’s choreography into a new medium and aesthetic, approached from different angles. Yet there remains the underlying friction between movement and standing still, as the very act of turning is about finding an unmoving centre within oneself: the watchful state.

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