Compagnie MAPS
Théatre de la Vie

‘Pourquoi Jessica a-t-elle quitté Brandon ?’

10 Mar.'20
- 12:40

Compagnie Maps / Atelier 210

In a Starbucks café somewhere, Jessica utters a terrible phrase: “Brandon, either you speak to me, or I’m leaving you”. Brandon speaks, she leaves him. The drama, seemingly as insignificant as it is universal, is the beginning of an entertaining theatrical inquest in which you enter the world, and follow in the footsteps, of a drone pilot turned whistle-blower.

With the aid of various digital tools (video games, projections, digital music etc.), Emmanuel De Candido and Pierre Solot make a live reconstruction of a “digital native” puzzle, each piece touching on the complex notions of a hyper-connected society. Ranging from a gesticulated conference to Brandon’s tragic tale, the show is a fun, interactive way of immersing yourself in the world of geeks, in which the real and the virtual sometimes intertwine.

Emmanuel De Candido
Antoine Lanckmans


Clément Papin

lighting design

Marie-christine Meunier

set design

Zoumana Meité
Olivier Lenel

artistic advisor

Milena Kipfmuller

sound designer

Practical information



Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • French