‘On the Road with Bach’

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Visual score of a journey

In december 2022, cellist Benjamin Glorieux went on a 400-kilometer journey from Arnstadt to Lübeck. With his cello on his back, Glorieux followed the same route that Bach took 300 years ago to listen to the musician he admired most: Dietrich Buxtehude. Visual artist Emilie Lauwers collected his impressions in an installation.

Two stories intertwine in this installation. The personal, internal narrative of Benjamin Glorieux, and the broader story of a world-famous work that’s been played millions of times and is part of our collective memory: Bach’s Six Cello Suites. The installation takes the form of a visual score, not only of Bach’s cello suites, but also of the journey itself, the highs and lows, the paths and streets. The story of a traveller in the snow and his inner path.

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