‘Romanian Diary. Constanța’

25 Oct.'19
- 20:30

Carmen Lidia Vidu

In Romanian Diary. Constanța, six actresses, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu, investigate their own community in a highly personal performance. They ask questions like “what influence does the urban environment have on us?” and “how do we influence the community we are part of?” The result is a documentary lecture in the form of a multimedia theatre with video, unconventional acting techniques and bold musical choices.

Carmen Lidia Vidu (born 1980, Romania) is a multidisciplinary artist who makes theatre, film and installations. She brings these disciplines together in her trademark, the multimedia theatre, where technology fuels emotion. Her documentaries and theatrical pieces have won a range of international awards and she is also the youngest director ever to have her work performed in the National Theatre of Bucharest. 

Carmen Lidia Vidu


Cristina Baciu


Cristina Baciu


Lacramioara Dumitrascu

stage design

Cristiana Drăgan



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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Romanian
  • Subtitles: English