‘Romanian theatre today’

25 Oct.'19
- 18:00

a synthesis of the tendencies and personalities of the last 30 years

A special issue of the Romanian Scena.ro performing arts magazine in English and French will include a selection of texts which illuminate the evolution of Romanian theatre during the 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, an era still haunted by a lack of representation in collective consciousness.
This extraordinary edition will include interviews with major figures in contemporary Romanian theatre, articles and commentaries by well-known Romanian critics, and a variety of photo materials which illustrate how Romanian theatre has evolved over the past three decades.

The magazine will be presented at BOZAR, followed by a panel discussion with Cristina Modreanu, editor-in-chief Scena.ro, Marian Popescu, performing arts expert, and Carmen Lidia Vidu, theatre and film director, and video presentation dedicated to contemporary Romanian theatre.


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