Le Botanique Centre Culturel de la Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles

‘Ryoji Ikeda - Ultratronics [Live Set]’

5 May'24
- 20:30

Legendary Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda is not only famous for his hypnotic audiovisual installations, he is also considered a pioneer of glitch music. Starting from nothing more than sine tones, noise, basses and equipped with mathematical formulas, he composes his music. Whereas his previous albums were always built up slowly, 2022's Ultratronics is much more direct: traces of techno emerge more clearly, the bass reverberates deeper than ever and a robot tries to count to thirty. Masterfully, Ikeda never loses control. He will perform Ultratronics live in combination with a visual projection generated from an immense amount of data. With this mix of image and sound, Ikeda creates an unforgettable immersive experience that leaves no one untouched!

Ryoji Ikeda
concept , electronics

Practical information


Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

Sound level

Level 3 ≤ 100 db. Free earplugs



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