‘SE PROHIBE EL CANTE - Felix Vazquez, Paco Ortiz’

26 → 28

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​​​​​​​The Sevillian singer Esperanza Fernández, one of the main voices of today's flamenco with an internationally recognized career, makes a trip through Andalusia with the intention of recovering the memory of flamenco clubs. She visits some of the most representative clubs accompanied by top-level figures, such as Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Marina Heredia, Rocío Márquez or Jesús Méndez.

Se Prohibe El Cante shows the important work of conservation and dissemination of the flamenco art in each province of Andalusia made by the clubs over the years. 




Bruselas Flamenco Festival 2021

Practical information


  • Subtitles: English
  • Original version: Spanish

You can watch this online event from Friday 26.03 (09:00) until Sunday 28.03 (00:00).