‘Stepping and body percussion with Briana Ashley Stuart’

5 June'21
- 10:00

This Stepping Workshop will dive into the African-American form of body percussion that utilizes the body as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds with ones’ hands, feet and voice. With professional stepping dancer and teacher Briana Ashley Stuart, you will be invited to explore the culture, technique and choreography of stepping through its rich, energetic movement and contagious ‘polyrhythms’. Organised at See U as part of Singing Brussels, this introductory session is open to anyone over 16 and of any level.

Vocal music

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6 June'21

Singing Brussels

Practical information


See U

Avenue de la Couronne 227 1050 Ixelles


  • English

Sound level

Level 1 ≤ 85 db

Registration required.

This activity is organised in line with public health measures, outdoors and with seating. You must wear a mask throughout the activity. In case of bad weather, please bring protective clothing or an umbrella.