‘Suleiman Gora - Elizaveta Stishova ’

21 → 23

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The film will be available from 21 > 23 March.

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​​​​​​​Karabas is a difficult man: a hard-gambling, hard-drinking, child-in-a-man's body who puts only himself first. When his first wife, Zhipara, calls to tell him she has found their long-lost son Uluk, Karabas rushes to her, much to the dismay of his much younger, pregnant second wife, Turganbyubyu. Soon the new family dynamics are stretched past their limits, and Karabas is caught between his old ways and the two women bearing his sons. Shot on location in and around the mystic World Heritage Site of the Suleiman Mountain in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Suleiman Mountain tells the coming of age story of a grown man who must first lose love in order to find it. 

Elizaveta Stishova (Moscow, Russia) graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) with an MA in Theatre Directing and from Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors. In 2014, she participated in Berlinale Talents. She was assistant director of Queen of the Mountains, selected as the Kyrgyz entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards

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  • Russian
  • Subtitles: English