‘Teresa Salgueiro - Alegria’

22 Feb.'22
- 20:00

For years, Teresa Salgueiro drove the success of the famous Portuguese band, Madredeus, with her eternally young and crystal-clear voice. Since 2007, the singer has focused on a solo career, a change of direction crowned by albums such as O Mistério (2012) and O Horizonte (2016). With Alegria, Teresa Salgueiro casts a tender and nostalgic eye on these past years. As well as new arrangements, the artist has chosen songs inspired by the traditional music of the various cultures she has encountered over the course of her 32-year career. On the occasion of her new tour, Provavelmente Alegria – named after a poem by the famous writer José Saramago (1922-2010) – Teresa Salgueiro will stop at Bozar, accompanied by a small group of internationally-renowned musicians.


Teresa Salgueiro
Jose Peixoto
Fábio Palma
Carla Ribeiro
Rui Lobato
drums , guitar , percussion

Practical information


Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

Sound level

Level 2 ≤ 95 db