‘Theodoor van Loon's Ear’

16 Oct.'18
- 20:00

Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

Paul Van Nevel and his Huelgas Ensemble breathe new life into the seventeenth century with stunning Renaissance music by Francesco Soriano, Agostino Agazzari, Pedro Rimonte, Peter Philips … The Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Béguinage provides the perfect setting for this, with its lovely acoustics – its wooden roof is made of oak from the Loire – and the paintings of Theodoor van Loon decorating the walls. Like his contemporary Rubens, this “Caravaggio of the Southern Netherlands” developed his own powerful and original style, which was heavily inspired by the Italian master painters. 

See more of his work at the Centre for Fine Arts from 10 October 2018 until 13 January 2019. Your concert ticket gives you a 50% discount on your exhibition ticket.

Music Talk(s)
20:00 Introduction by Paul Van Nevel and Sabine van Sprang (curator)

Paul Van Nevel
Francesco Soriano

Agnus Dei (“Missa super voces musicales” à 4 & 6)

Paolo Quagliati

“Quando miro il bel volto” canzonetta a quattro voci con l’intavolatura dal cimbalo

Felice Anerio

"Tibi laus, tibi gloria", motet à 8

Luca Marenzio

“O voi che sospirate a miglior’ note” madrigale à 5

Francesco Soriano

“In illo tempore” motet à 8

Domenico Mazzocchi

“Ahi, chi m’aita” madrigale à 5

Agostino Agazzari

“Super flumina Babylonis” motet à 8

Domenico Mazzocchi

“Chiudesti i lumi Armida” madrigale à 5 con Basso continuo

Géry de Ghersem

Agnus Dei, à 7 & 4 (“Missa Ave Virgo Sanctissima”)

Pedro Rimonte

“Luna que reluces” villancico à 3 & 6

Pedro Rimonte

Sanctus, à 3, 4 & 6 (“Missa Tota pulcra es”)

Nicolaus a Kempis

Symphonia III à 4

Nicolaus a Kempis

“Ad te suspiro” à 5 Cantus & Tenor cum tribus Instrumentis

Peter Philips

“Le bel ange du ciel” berceuse de Noël à 4

Giuseppe Zamponi

“Dies irae dies illa” a cinque voci e tre strumenti con continuo

Peter Philips

“Hodie nobis de caelo” à 8


Music Talk(s)


The ear of the painters

Practical information


Eglise du Béguinage | Begijnhofkerk

Place du Béguinage 1000 Brussels

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