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Moussem Festival 10
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‘Trio Joubran’

7 Feb.'15
- 00:00



Samir, Wissam and Adnan are brothers, belonging to a prominent Palestinian family of oud players and builders. Together they form Trio Joubran, performing magnificent improvisations and rich, subtle melodies. They compose these themselves, relying on their far-reaching knowledge of their instrument, which plays a major role in Palestinian culture. The brothers are world-famous, having performed in Carnegie Hall, at the Dubai International Film Festival and the Holland Festival… AsFâr, the title of their fifth CD, means “journey” in Arabic but also refers to “As far” in English. They think of their music as a journey with a wide variety of diverse influences. The percussionist Youssef Hbeisch supplements the music of Trio Joubran with his enchanting rhythms.
Samir Joubran
Wissam Joubran
Adnan Joubran


Youssef Hbeisch


Trio Joubran
Trio Joubran
Trio Joubran
Trio Joubran

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