Embassy of the United States of America to Belgium



With USA ON FILM, BOZAR and the American Embassy invite you to explore the diversity and richness of the independent film scene in the United States of America. The program aims to offer an immersive look at American society from various points of view: the climate emergency, the necessity of multiculturalism, the functioning of the democratic system,  as well as the historical connections between the USA and Europe. The program will feature documentaries and fiction which are not broadcasted during Festivals in Belgium or get a wider release there. Independent film is extremely vibrant in the USA. Festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and the NewYork Film Festival showcase productions where artists can express themselves freely while forgoing the mainstream studios. Due to the current sanitary crisis, most of the screenings will take place on our Vimeo platform. The audience get the chance to ask questions to the directors during webinar sessions that will organised for each event.