‘Vanessa Porter - Rising Star Festspielhaus Baden-Baden & Kölner Philharmonie’

23 Apr.'23
- 11:00

With her father working as a percussionist and a drum school right next to her living room, Vanessa Porter grew up surrounded by percussion instruments. As such, she does not simply play percussion, she actually experiences the music. She performs in several configurations, but most often as a duo with her older sister or as a soloist. Porter does not believe in the motto ‘loud, louder, loudest’ when it comes to percussion, and she is not frightened of showing just how fragile and intimate these instruments can be. Using her voice, body, hands and instruments (bells, vibraphone and many others) she creates hypnotic soundscapes that swing back and forth between delicate beauty and explosive violence. A must see.

Vanessa Porter
Daniel Mudrack
Vanessa Porter

Folie for electronic and sounds

Vinko Globokar


David Lang

Anvil Chorus for Set-up

Georges Aperghis

The Messenger, for zarb and voice (commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and European Concert Hall Organisation),

Emil Kuyumcuyan

Shapes, for vibraphone (commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie)

Georges Aperghis

Le corps a corps, for zarb and voice

Alexander Sandi Kuhn

À Deux, for vibraphone (commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie)


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