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21 May'15
- 00:00


Tango is at once a dazzling, sensual dance and a musical genre in its own right. A genre that Violentango has set out to breathe new life into, experimenting with the introduction of touches of jazz and rock. These Buenos Aires musicians have given the legendary genre a truly modern impetus. For almost a decade now, they have performed at major international festivals, where they have always been a great hit with audiences. In Brussels, the group, which takes its name from a famous piece by Astor Piazzolla, promises a concert that will combine a tribute to "the master of the bandoneon" with original compositions from their latest album, Escape. Curiosity whetted?
Adrián Ruggiero
Camilo Córdoba
Juan Manuel López
Ricardo Jusid
Santiago Córdoba
Invited artist: Akhtamar Quartet
string ensemble
Adrián Ruggiero
Adrián Ruggiero
Adrián Ruggiero

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