‘What Do You Think of Western Civilization?’

19 Oct.'21
- 12:40

I am Simone Milsdochter, born in the mid-sixties. The Golden Years. I grew up in a medium-sized town, in a nice house with a loving family. Always with books and music. The future was laid out before me and it was clear from the start: I was going to be happy. Now, half a century later, I can only conclude that: I am happy.

A born storyteller, Simone Milsdochter places herself at the heart of the here and now and looks at the world we live in, but also at the world that awaits us. In a presentation that lies midway between a reading and a performance, she thinks aloud about good and evil, poverty and wealth and the vagaries of life.

Simone Milsdochter
actors, text
Ludwig van Beethoven
Frederik Van de Moortel



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