‘WTC A never-ending Love Story - Lietje Bauwens & Wouter De Raeve’

8 Sept.'23
- 19:30

Since 2017, Lietje Bauwens and Wouter De Raeve have been researching the redevelopment of the Northern Quarter in Brussels, using filmmaking and fiction to intervene in this ongoing debate. The premiere of WTC A never-ending Love Story is accompanied by the screening of their previous film WTC A Love Story (2020).

WTC A Love Story unravels the power relations involved in urban redevelopment, by inviting the characters that claim a voice in the transition of the WTC towers - politicians, the private owner, architects et al.- to brief actors to represent them in a fiction. 

WTC A never-ending Love Story picks up where WTC A Love Story left off. Once again mobilising actors and setting up different fiction experiments, the film investigates both the history and the current state of resistance in the Northern Quarter. 

431 (Lietje Bauwens and Wouter De Raeve) initiates multidisciplinary frameworks for the creation, curation, and research of projects about the politics behind space making.

The ticket will give you access to both or only one film of your choice.

19:30 : WTC A Love Story
20:40 : Break
21:00 : Avant-première of WTC A never-ending Love Story


WTC A never-ending Love Story is directed by Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve and Daan Milius, Editing: Caszimir Cleutjens, Image: Pieter Dumoulin. 

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Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


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