Hall Horta

The Main Halls

The Horta Hall and the Exhibition Halls

When you step into the Centre for Fine Arts to visit an exhibition, you first find yourself in a monumental hall, bathed in light and with a marble floor. The hall bears the name of its architect, Victor Horta. Originally designed as an exhibition space for sculptures, today the Horta Hall functions as a kind of "public square". A host of activities are organised here, including receptions, trade fairs, banquets, vernissages, performances and concerts. Access to the exhibition rooms is by way of the red marble staircase at the far end of the hall. Located on the top floor of the building, the exhibition rooms have a glass ceiling that provides natural overhead light for the works - increasingly rare nowadays, as artificial lighting becomes the norm. In recent years, these exhibition rooms have welcomed Bozar exhibitions dedicated to artists such as Daniel Buren, Zurbarán, Yves Klein, Bruegel, Keith Haring and many others.

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Monumental and majestic. The perfect location for your evening event.