Let’s Zing Ensemble

A New Singing Adventure!

Welcome to Let’s Zing Ensemble, an exciting new chapter in our singing story with amateur choirs.

Let’s Zing Ensemble was born out of a desire to spread the encounter between people and the joy of singing together. After 10 successful years with Singing Brussels, we wondered how best to celebrate the project’s anniversary. With a new musical repertoire for the city of Brussels, of course. A repertoire that not only reflects the huge cultural and musical diversity of the choirs, but also challenges them to explore new musical horizons.

So we decided to invite 10 talented composers to create an entirely new musical repertoire inspired by the city of Brussels itself. These composers include a diverse group of artists that are living or working in or have links to the capital: Laïla Amezian, Nicholas Michaux, Oriana Ikomo, Avalanche Kaito, Francoiz Breut, Cabane, Laryssa Kim, Esinam, Judith Kiddo, Maarten van Ingelgem and Els Moors. They represent different generations and styles, from classical to electronic and everything in between. Their collaboration promises to produce an exciting and multifaceted result. This new repertoire will be performed during the Fête de la Musique by several amateur choirs, including Ma'chaka, Café Latte, De 2de Adem, Anaconda & Kubica, Sing Out Brussels, Cassandra, Shout at Cancer, Singing Molenbeek & Equinox and Patshiva Cie.

Together, these 10 songs form a new Brussels songbook. This repertoire is freely available to anyone who would like to work with it. Any teacher, conductor or singer who would like to rehearse and perform it can simply download it from the Bozar site.

These 10 new compositions will be studied during inspiring workshops. And here comes the best news: you can participate too! The workshops are open to all individual singers and amateur choirs that wish to participate, and you can choose to attend multiple sessions or just drop in once. We welcome all fans of singing to add their voices to this special project.

After these rehearsals, it is time for the climax: a grand participatory concert on Sunday, 23 June 2024, at Bozar. The concert will feature the new repertoire, accompanied by the musicians of the Young Belgian Strings, the Belgian National Orchestra, and BNO/The MM Academy, conducted by renowned composer Dirk Brossé. This will be an unforgettable experience where the voices of many come together in harmony. It promises to be an extraordinary concert.

We will kick off the season with a festive first workshop scheduled on 17 September during the opening week. Led by Zeno Popescu and together with the choirs of Singing Molenbeek and Equinox, we will rehearse a first song together.

In collaboration with La Monnaie, the Belgian National Orchestra, Choir & Stem, Födekam, À coeur Joie, Ars Musica, and Fête de La Musique. This project is part of United Music of Brussels. With the support of Futur 21.

Do you feel like joining? Send an email to letszingensemble@bozar.be