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Relive a performance, meet the artists, take a look backstage and explore different themes: here you can delve into the world of Bozar.

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Anne Daems, Tuinkamer

Meet Anne Daems, a home-grown artist who discovers beauty in the details of everyday life.

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Jacques Moeschal. Architecture Sculptures

Bozar delves into the archives of the architect and sculptor Jacques Moeschal. His gigantic concrete sculptures will surely ring a bell.

Anis-al-Hajjaj (Deccan), 1666, Manuscript

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A Passage to Asia

Europe and Asia have been closely connected for thousands of years. 18 fascinating works of art take you to these two continents and their connections.

Vue de l'exposition Roger Raveel

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Roger Raveel. A Retrospective

Dive into the artistic and colourful career of one of Belgium's most important painters.

Facing Van Eyck

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Facing Van Eyck

Take a look at Jan Van Eyck's oeuvre as you have never seen it before. Discover masterly details that you can hardly see with the naked eye.

Philippe Vandenberg Molenbeek

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Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek

Walk through the Molenbeek of artist Philippe Vandenberg, from large to small observations on paper.

danser brut

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Danser Brut

With an intriguing mix of Art Brut, modern and contemporary art, film, etc., this exhibition does not aim to tell dance history, but to broaden our view.

hotel beethoven

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This exhibition about the composer, his music and ideas highlights how Beethoven remains relevant to us today.

gallery of futures

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Gallery of Futures

Contemporary artists, architects, poets and performers present their vision of the future.

Next Generation Please!

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Next Generation, Please!

For a whole school year, young people worked together with artists and thinkers. The result? A creative explosion! Discover the exhibition.