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Bozar Bookworms: Amber

Colleagues read authors from our Talks & Debates

In 2024, Bozar will once again be welcoming a good mix of established and emerging talented authors who have taken the leap and written a book. A handful of colleagues headed to the library to read a book by one of the writers or thinkers you’ll be able to meet soon at Bozar. Curious about their findings on Thomas Piketty, Eileen Myles, and Peter Verhelst, among others?

Amber on Miek Zwamborn ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amber delved into Mutual (2023) by Miek Zwamborn, who will be a guest at Bozar on 27 February during Poets of the Anthropocene.

Hi Amber, can you briefly outline what the book is about?

Miek Zwamborn has lived in Scotland for seven years. Mutual is about the island where she lives, how she explores her own environment and is connected to everything on the island on a daily basis, how she lives and who she meets. It like an extreme version of ‘slow travel’. You discover a lot of details you wouldn't see as a tourist. Everything is driven by nature. By means of photographs, poems, letters and illustrations, you walk with her through her world.

Why did you like reading it?

I concur with the author's philosophy. I am convinced that you become happier when you are more connected with nature. An inspiring book!

Why do we need to come to Bozar to see her?

In Poets of the Anthropocene, several climate poets give readings of their poetry and talk about the intersection between nature and writing. The diversity of the poets and the topical subject matter make it interesting. The discussion will be held in the Grand Henry Le Boeuf Hall, where both speakers and audience members will be seated on stage. It promises to be an exclusive and intimate evening.

Who would you recommend this book to?

It is not a classic novel. I would recommend the book to people interested in nature and biology. But certainly also to people who like to discover details and take the time to stop and go on expeditions in their own environment. You don't always have to travel far and fast; you can be pleasantly surprised on your own doorstep.

How many stars do you give the book?