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Living together for Cantania!

A meeting between Bozar, Calame and the ENGIE Foundation

Every year, the Cantania project gives 400 children from Brussels schools the chance to perform on stage at the Henry Le Boeuf Hall in Bozar. For a whole year, students, teachers and organisers have been preparing for the big concert on Saturday 10 June.

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Meaningful Partnerships

We followed the preparation of the Calame after-school club at Bozar during one of the rehearsals on the Henry Le Bœuf stage and on the association’s premises.

This meeting between the cultural, associative and entrepreneurial worlds is all-encompassing, since independently of the Cantania project, the ENGIE Foundation is supporting Calame in their fight against school drop-out and social inequality.

The Cantania project has been made possible over the last 8 years by the loyal support of the ENGIE Foundation, one of whose shared commitments with Bozar is to provide access to culture for as many people as possible, especially children.