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Marijn Delaere

Beethoven Pianoforte Sessions

In addition to an early Beethoven sonata, Marijn Delaere introduces you to Jan Ladislav Dussek, a Czech composer who already impressed audiences before Beethoven with his keyboard skills.

Fortepiano of John BROADWOOD (1732-1812) – London 1817

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Beethoven Pianoforte Sessions


Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827
Piano Sonata No. 10 in G, Op. 14 No. 2 (1798)

Jan Ladislav Dussek 1760-1812
Piano Sonata No. 18 in E-flat Major, Op. 44, "The Farewell" (1800)


Marijn Delaere (1992) began studying the piano and pianoforte under Olga Pashchenko at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent in 2019. He discovered the world of these historic keyboard instruments during his harpsichord studies under Liesje Vanmassenhove at the Municipal Conservatory of Mechelen. He originally learned to play the piano with Dirk Verbrugghe at the municipal music academy in Izegem. At the age of eighteen, he was laureate-finalist in the Cantabile piano competition and won first prize at the Dexia Classics.