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Royal visit for Roger Raveel

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Royal visit for Roger Raveel

BOZAR celebrates the 100th birth year of the Belgian painter Roger Raveel with a prestigious, large scale retrospective of his work. The very first visitor to the blockbuster show was our Royal neighbour King Philippe.

On Wednesday March 17, King Philippe was the first to tour the exhibition that celebrates the idiosyncratic, vibrant work of Roger Raveel, Belgium’s most celebrated post-war 20th century painter. His guide was Sophie Lauwers, Director of Exhibitions at BOZAR, who led the King through six decades of the artist’s work. They were accompanied by Minister-President of the French Community Pierre-Yves Jeholet and Minister-President of Flanders Jan Jambon, and BOZAR-chairman Count Etienne Davignon.

Royal visit for Roger Raveel
© Yannick Sas

Roger Raveel, A Retrospective is now open to the general public and runs until July 21.