What does it mean to teach and learn mathematics? Why is it so often perceived as an abstract subject, disconnected from reality, when actually it is the basic formalism humans created to understand everything in the universe, if not the very nature of the universe itself?
Do these barriers exist because of the language and codes themselves that we use to talk about mathematics, and consequently to teach it?
Is it possible to ​experience ​mathematics, moving beyond the printed pages of school textbooks and classroom blackboards?
Starting from these premises, Order of Operations unfolds in the vast space existing at the crossroad between artistic representations and mathematical objects, presenting the works of Belgian and international artists who - more or less consciously, more or less deliberately - have created pieces that make us experience​ maths in different ways.
Order of Operations is an artistic-scientific exhibition gathering sculpture, digital arts, sound art, creative coding, engineering and pedagogy to explore possibilities, suggest reflections and start conversations about the role the arts can play in a more integrative approach to mathematics education.


With among others:

Amandine David, France / Belgium
Sabina Hyoju Ahn, South Korea
Lab[au], Belgium
Robert J. Lang, USA
Philippe Leblanc, Belgium
Joanie Lemercier, France / Belgium
Momoko Noguchi, Japan
Ohme, Belgium
Rybn, France
Guillaume Schweicher, Belgium
Michel Tombroff, Belgium
Frederik Vanhoutte, Belgium
Valery Vermeulen, Belgium
Roger Vilder, France

Boris Wilmot & François Gaspard, Belgium