Rows of drink cans, but the labels are filled with Bozar events and artists.

Culture in a can

Bozar Market

To celebrate the start of our new season, Bozar is launching Bozar market: a surprising ticket sale through unexpected channels.

From September 22 until October 7 you can buy duo tickets for a selection of concerts, exhibitions, films and literary events packaged in reusable, collector item cans especially conceived for the occasion.

These cultural cans are available from our vending machine, located in the courtyard of the Grand Hospice (Rue du Grand Hospice 7, 1000 Brussels), or can be delivered to your door by Deliveroo.

To help you choose we have created three categories: Discover, Dare, and Deep Dive.

Did you manage to procure one? Each can has its own unique QR-code to unlock your tickets:

Log in via Make an account if you do not already have one. Scan the QR-code or follow this link and enter your code. If necessary choose your seats or the number '2'. Your tickets are now available on My Account.

Events that are perfect as a first taste of Bozar.

28 Sept.’22
Boiling Point - Philip Barantini
Discover the thrill of being in a top chef’s kitchen in one long, dazzling take.
€ 8 – € 6 (-30 y/o)

18 Nov.’22 
Metropolis Rebooted - Brussels Philharmonic
Concert & Film
Discover a sci-fi film classic with an overwhelming live soundtrack.
€ 30 - € 15 (-30 y/o)

Edgy and experimental events for an adventurous palette.

28 Sept.’22
Poets from Black Europe
Talks & Debates
Dare to transcend borders with European poets of African origin.
€ 8 – € 6 (-30 y/o)

1 Dec.’22
Laurie Anderson & Brussels Philharmonic
Dare to explore time and space with a true icon of the American avant-garde.
€ 30 – € 15 (-30 y/o)

2 Dec.’22
Nuclear Age – Belgian National Orchestra
Concert – Classical Contemporary
Dare to go on an orchestral music and 3D visual art trip through sight and sound.
€ 40 – € 20 (-30 y/o)

3 Dec.’22
Vaague Special - Antoine Pierre
Concert – Electronic Music
Dare to explore the fusion of electronic sounds and samples with breathtaking drum acrobatics.
€ 22 – € 11 (-30 y/o)

Deep Dive: 
Events for true culture buffs who are always thirsty for more.

30 Sept.’22 £ 08 Jan.’23
Alexandria: Past Futures
Deep dive into the mythical Egyptian city through archaeology and art.
€ 14 – € 7 (-30 y/o)

11 Oct.’22
Meet the Writer: Ian Kershaw
Talks & Debates
Deep dive into the minds and mechanisms of dictators with a world-renowned historian.
€ 10 – € 8 (-30 y/o)

29 Oct.’22
Sufi Night
Concert – Global
Deep dive into a mystical culture through transcendental dances and music.
€ 20 – € 10 (-30 y/o)

6 Dec.’22
Mahler 9 - London Philharmonic & Vladimir Jurowski
Music – Classical
Deep dive into Mahler's final masterpiece with a world-beating orchestra.
€ 72 - € 36 (-30 y/o)