‘Adriaan de Roover - Klein’

21 Feb.'24
- 20:00

Adriaan de Roover

Brussels-based electronic musician Adriaan de Roover has been forging a unique path in the genre for over a decade. His second solo album, Other Rooms, set to release on Pieter Dudal's Dauw label, showcases weightless melodies and computerized soundscapes, moving away from rhythm-focused motifs. Originally recorded in 2020 and reworked in 2023, the album explores divergent textures and colliding universes. De Roover's introspective music aims to connect with oneself, others, and the vastness of the rest.


Klein's work is beyond multidisciplinarity. In her debut film Care, visual art, web design and sound are seamlessly intertwined. A radical composer, she blends classical, drone, noise, and rap with avant-garde methods. Her 2021 album, Harmattan, showcases Klein as a one-person orchestra, recording everything from piano to saxophone. In 2022, she released two more albums, Cave In The Wind and Star In The Hood, expanding her horizons. With Touched By An Angel, released in October 2023, she continues her exploration of vocal manipulation and warped instrumentation. Klein's live performances promise an eclectic experience.

Adriaan de Roover

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