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Meet Olivia Jadesola Foresythe: Bozar's Young Ambassador for Non-Classical Music

Hello, I'm Olivia Jadesola, the proud Young Ambassador representing Non-Classical Music at Bozar. My passion for music knows no bounds, and I believe it's the most expressive and inspiring art form.

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Music, with its diverse range, offers a song for every mood, making it a powerful tool for storytelling—a theme that resonates deeply with me, as storytelling is at the core of all I do in communications and content creation. 

Being a Young Ambassador, to me, signifies the beginning of a significant shift. It's an opportunity to understand what attracts today's young generation to cultural spaces like Bozar and to share my unique perspective. Through my experiences at concerts and various Bozar events, I hope to provide insights for those who share some aspects of my identity. 

Music, with its communal nature, holds immense potential for community building. People connect with the emotions expressed in songs, bringing them together, especially in live music settings. I love going to concerts of people that I don’t even know or just tagging along with my friends, because I can find beauty in every genre, and I believe it's crucial to stay open to various art forms and influences beyond our comfort zones.


My Spotify Wrapped consistently features Burna Boy, Partynextdoor, Wizkid, and Obongjayar—artists whose music has been a soundtrack to my life. At Bozar, I eagerly anticipate collaborating with fellow Young Ambassadors and the Bozar team, exploring different facets of their workings and unleashing our creativity.

Looking back a year from now, I aspire to carry the sense of community fostered during this program. The experience of working with diverse personalities, adhering to schedules, and swiftly producing content is invaluable. I envision a more diverse audience at Bozar, attending not out of obligation but genuine curiosity and a desire for fun. 

To the next generation of Young Ambassadors, I say: if it sparks your interest, go for it. Apply for everything, embrace your uniqueness, and be confident. Your work holds value, and the first person to recognize it should be you. Put yourself out there, and you might just find yourself in unexpected and rewarding places. 

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