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‘Amélie - Jean-Pierre Jeunet’

21 Dec.'21
- 20:30

The ultimate Christmas film that is not a Christmas film

Just before the Christmas festivities begin and we seek the warmth of family and friends during these cold days, we show the ultimate Christmas film that is not a Christmas film to celebrate its 20th anniversary. A good opportunity to warm up a little.

In this seemingly mundane story, Amélie is looking for love, and the meaning of existence. She is a waitress in the centre of Montmartre, where she has contact with her neighbours and customers, as well as a mysterious photo collector. Slowly Amélie realises that the road to happiness will not reveal itself, but that she will have to show initiative. She finds her happiness by working for the happiness of others.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet was born in the area of the Loire and he taught himself about film with the use of a camera ¬acquired as a teenager. He began by making television commercials and short films and, in the process, he met and became friends with Marc Caro, an artist and a designer. They made several animations and short films – before doing their first feature as co-directors, Delicatessen (1991). Amélie (2001) was a huge critical and commercial success worldwide and was nominated for several Academy Awards. 

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • French
  • Subtitles: Dutch

(FR, 2001, 122')



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