‘Anne Hytta’

19 Oct.'19
- 18:00


The Hardanger fiddle is typically Norwegian and in addition to the traditional strings has four or five understrings which resound out of sympathy. Anne Hytta will be treating you to a preview of her compositions as she revives the refinement of this music from the fjords, inspired by early modal melodies and contemporary soundscapes. With her trio (Slagr) and her quartet (Tokso), she combines her fiddle with other instruments like the cello, the vibraphone or traditional vielles (the Swedish nyckelharpa and the Cretan lyra). In the intimate setting of the Protestant Chapel, Anne Hytta will perform solo, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique sound of the Hardanger violin and Hytta’s timeless compositions. ​​​​​​​

Anne Hytta
Hardanger violin

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Protestant Chapel

Place du Musée 1000 Brussels