13 Mar.'21
- 09:00


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​​​​​​​Before I Forget, Mariam Mekiwi (2018, 31’)

A science-fiction story set in an indistinct coastal region, between land and sea, above and below water. El Captain disappears, one of his disciples takes a journey in the ocean to cut off the internet cable, the water level is rising, an amphibian woman appears at the shore looking for her mother, and the memories of two women in a ward intertwine. Scientist Dr. Sharaf is trying to congregate all of them – the members of the secret society of amphibians – in an attempt to save the world. 

Mariam Mekiwi is a filmmaker and editor from Alexandria and based in Hamburg. Her fiction film Abl Ma Ansa premiered at the Berlinale Forum Expanded in 2018, and was nominated for the German Film Academy's First Steps Awards the same year.

​​​​​​​Els Opsomer is a visual artist who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Rufisque, Senegal. She is fascinated by the complex reality in which we live. Her work, based on an ever-growing archive of urban imagery, is a reinterpretation of our daily surroundings in a globalized world. She has participated in several international biennial exhibitions.



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Before I forget (EG/DE, 2018, 31’, digital file)