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The fair about contemporary drawing in Brussels

Since 5 years, Art on Paper has been presenting a unique panorama of the quality and diversity of contemporary drawing approaches through the organisation of an international fair dedicated to this practice in the centre of Brussels. 

In collaboration with BOZAR, Art on Paper offers the opportunity to different audiences, art professionals and enthusiasts alike, to discover this plurality through the presentation of artists’ solo shows selected by established or emerging Belgian and international galleries.

For the past few decades, drawing has established itself as an art form of its own. It no longer suffers from its long-held status of being a lesser form of art consigned to the margins of the industry. Paradoxically, this coming-of-age as a medium has allowed drawing to broaden its reach and to expand beyond the page. Sometimes even escaping it completely… Art on Paper strongly contributes to this evolution by ensuring to highlight an inventive approach to drawing while emphasising the importance of the line and the gesture, the expression and the intimacy of the practice.

In order to mark this anniversary edition and to give an even broader account of the vitality of contemporary creation, the fair launched the Brussels Drawing Week 2019. This new initiative will offer a dense program established by more than 20 major Brussels art institutions, centers or schools. The Brussels Drawing Week will be held from 22 to 27 October 2019.

Thanks to these initiatives, to the support of its partners as well as to the awarding of the ''SOFAM Prize for Best Solo Show'', Art on Paper aims more than ever to showcase the best of contemporary drawing in Brussels. The fair also promotes, alongside galleries, emerging artists and art professionals. Every year, this commitment is reflected through the granting of the EECKMAN ART PRIZE, for which the laureate is awarded a production grant and an exhibition booth during the fair.

More than ever, Art on Paper aims to reflect drawing's status without fear of deflecting it.

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