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‘Artistic creation explores archives and industrial heritage’

5 + 6

We are pleased to announce two days of webinars that will focus on the role of artistic creation in preserving Iranian archives and industrial heritage. The webinars are part of HerMaP Iran - Cultural Heritage Management Project.

Programme for 5 May 

14:00-15:45 Artistic interventions and the enhancement of industrial heritage  

The round table facilitator will be Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Professor of Cultures of the Curatorial at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) / Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

14:00-14:10 Welcome address 

14:10-14:20 Introduction by Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer

14:20-14:50 Abel Korinsky & Orhan Kavrakoglu, Aron Rossman-Kiss, Arya Arabshahi & Love Di Marco, Saba Ghorbanalinejad & Timothée Gauvin will present their projects, which were inspired by the site of Iran’s oldest cement factory: the former Rayy Cement Plant.

14:50-15:20 This presentation will be followed by a wide-ranging discussion between Nikolaus Hirsch, architect and curator, co-founder of the online platform and archive e-flux architecture, and co-director of CIVA - Brussels, and Jorge Otero-Pailos, artist, architect, conservationist, professor and director of the Historic Conservation programme at Columbia University GSAPP, whose interdisciplinary work combines art, architecture, and heritage conservation. 

15:20-15:45 Interaction with the public via Zoom chat and Q&A.


16:00-17:30 Archives and contemporary artistic practices

The round table facilitator will be Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, head of the Berlinale Forum Expanded and co-director of the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art.

16:00-16:10 introduction by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus  

16:10-16:35 Artists Alice Pedroletti & Andrea Familari, Ehsan Hemat, Goda Palekaite and Sina Seife discuss the meaning of archiving as an artistic practice, and share the research work they carried out during their residency. 

16:35-17:05 This presentation will be followed by a wide-ranging discussion between Chris Dercon, art historian, curator and director of the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, and Nico Dockx, artist, curator, editor and researcher, whose work explores in particular the relationship between perception and memory.

17:05 -17:30 Interaction with the public via Zoom chat and Q&A.


Programme for 6 May

13:30-14:30 Industrial heritage in transition: Iranian perspectives  
Facilitator: Sara Reyhani

Geographer Amin Moghadam and Architect Rojia Forouhar present, through concrete examples, the issues at stake in the development and sustainability of industrial heritage from the point of view of architecture, town planning and social and cultural anthropology.

14:45-15:45 Archives and Creation in Iran
Facilitator: Amirali Ghasemi
How do we approach archives in a complex cultural community such as Iran? What issues are at stake?
Maryam Niazadeh, researcher and archivist, and Michel Dewilde, curator and art historian, talk about the beginnings of modern archiving in Iran and the way in which the art world is embracing it.


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