‘Atelier Graphoui Screenings’

2 Feb.'22
- 19:00

In collaboration with Atelier Graphoui, Bozar presents three films that address the themes of migration, colonisation and decolonisation. A discussion with the directors will take place after the screenings and will be moderated by Ayoko Mensah (Afropolitan programmer).

Mouvements d’identité is an animated film made by the children of the 4th grade of the Léon Lepage primary school in Brussels. It deals with the population movements that have forged our identities, starting from the past and ending with what we are today: colonisation, emigration and immigration. The participants met and reflected on their own and their family's experiences, analysing the impact of colonisation and decolonisation on the formation of our contemporary identities. 
Workshop leader: Elen Sylla Grollimund 
Editing: Sebastien Demeffe


Kelasi (School in Lingala) – Fransix Tenda Lomba (BE, 2021, 11’)
Kelasi is a historical, socio-political and cultural journey over the years, through the Congolese education system. This system has been plagued by the political will to manipulate the masses. Shot with several animation techniques, the film tells the story of a school day in Congo, and leaves an open door to the future of education.

Born in Kinshasa, Fransix Tenda Lomba is a visual artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa in plastic arts and has been working with KinartStudio since its foundation. His work is multidisciplinary and varied, from painting, to sculpture, to drawing, to video animation. He has participated in residencies and exhibitions in Africa, Europe and the United States.


La Mémoire de Nelly – Nicolas Wouters (BE, 2021, 40’)
When Nelly died in 2000, she took her secrets and memories with her. Twenty years later, her grandson finds a box of archives that belonged to her. Inside, he found images of the former Belgian colony in the Congo, where Nelly had lived for twelve years as a housewife. However, she had never spoken to him about it. 

Nicolas Wouters is a cartoonist, comic book writer, teacher and animation film director. His multidisciplinary artistic work deals in particular with the question of the transmission of memory and the media devices that transport it. He graduated from UCLouvain, ESA Saint-Luc, IAD and holds a PhD in Art and Art Sciences.

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  • Subtitles: English
  • Original version: French