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‘Big Bang Festival’

9 Nov.'20
- 09:30

School Day

Primary school (first and second degree)

BIG BANG is a celebration of adventurous music and art for young ears. Two concerts take you and your pupils around unusual rhythms, contemporary jazz and unconventional musical instruments.

The pupils will be first invited to daydream to the marvellous music of baroque composer Henry Purcell in the new production HUSH. After that, the pupils will be invited to gaze at the sea, beach and gigantic shells in SHEL(L)TER.

The pupils can:

  • Encounter different rhythms, instruments and musical genres
  • Deconstruct prejudices about music 
  • Have their senses stimulated and listen to their own emotions
  • Learn through their own activity, exchanging ideas with others and having fun

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels



Primary Education

This event can not take place due to the latest restrictions regarding COVID-19. 



  • Creative Europe Programme of the European Union