‘Carrousel Opinion, interactive performance’

3 May'22
- 16:00

By WIELS with Try-Out_alba Tonuso & Polymorfilms vzw/KNEPH


The world is on fire. Protest manifestations are flooding cities around the world. Young people explore in an artistic way what sovereignty can mean for themselves. How can they make this world a livable place with its own values where an individual has self-determination and is not at the mercy of a senseless enslaving system?

The young people of Try-Out challenge you to answer their crucial questions about the future of mankind on this earth that spins like a merry-go-round.

The performance has the allure of a fairground spectacle. The procession starts on Ravensteinstraat and ends within the installation 'So Sovereign!' in the exhibition Next Generation, Please! in the Archive Hall.





Stijn Van Asch -  bagpipes

Asley Van Cauteren - accordion

Ward Bosmans - ukulele

Dries De Maeyer - flute

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Next Generation, Please! Festival

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