‘Cinema Talk: Kinshasa Now’

24 Jan.'22
- 20:30

Belgian-Congolese perspectives on street children

The issue of street children is an ever-increasing problem in Kinshasa. A megacity of more than 17 million inhabitants, Kinshasa has more and more children attempting to survive on its streets. Director Marc-Henri Wajnberg has made two films about this phenomenon: Kinshasa Kids in 2012 and Kinshasa Now, a VR film, in 2020. 

Bozar will invite director Marc-Henri Wajnberg to the screening of Kinshasa Now and to participate in a discussion with artistic and cultural personalities from Kinshasa who work with street children, in order to compare their perspectives and enrich their points of view. Why is this phenomenon growing in the Congolese capital? What are artists and cultural operators doing to help some of these children? What can be done to address this serious problem and what role can a film such as Kinshasa Now have? These questions and more will be debated throughout the evening event. 


With : Marc-Henri Wajnberg (filmmaker), Freddy Tsimba (artist), Lambert Mousseka (artist and director of the Espace Masolo in Kinshasa) and Serge Amisi (former child soldier and street child turned author and puppeteer). The meeting will be moderated by Ayoko Mensah (Afropolitan programmer).

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